Nutty for pandan

Nutty for pandan

Pandan is an ingredient that many Malaysians – and indeed many people across South East Asia – hold very near and dear to them. Also called ‘screwpine’ in English, pandan is a pine-like shrub that grows in abundance in the tropics and features regularly in local cuisine.

Here in Malaysia you can find it used as flavouring in our national dish nasi lemak, as well as kaya spread, and various kuihs and cakes. It makes a pleasantly nutty, botanical taste that’s subtle and comforting, and it’s becoming quite a popular addition to cocktails as well – both regionally and abroad.

SkyBar is highlighting the fragrant leaf with the Pandan Sour in their revamped cocktail menu. Created by Serhan Kusaksizoglu (Charly), Director of Corporate – Bar & Concepts based in HK, using the sour cocktail method, the nutty flavour of the pandan plays with the sharp citrus of the lemon juice, and smoothed over by the pasteurised egg white. It’s a great cocktail to experience an integral local Malaysian flavour, a must-order at SkyBar.

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Telephone: +603 2332 9888


Pandan Sour

Pandan leaf infused gin
Pateurised egg white
Pandan syrup
Lemon juice
RM45.30 nett


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