Skybar Snuggles

Skybar Snuggles

You're at a bar but today, you don't want alcohol. People order a non-alcoholic drink for many reasons - they could be needing a break from or don’t drink alcohol, a designated driver or simply because of pregnancy. But it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a good drink for the night out.

The Skybar Snuggles is exactly what you need. Created with the colour of the cabana cushions at the Skybar's poolside, the mocktail is bright red with citrusy and berry forward notes using quality ingredients of peach puree, cherry puree, lemon juice and soda.

One may think that with all the purees, juices and syrups, is the mocktail going to be sickeningly sweet? If a bar is putting good effort in creating their cocktails, it only makes sense that they would put the same effort into their non-alcoholic menu, designing drinks that are balanced and tasty.

Highly crafted non-alcoholic drinks are increasingly taking space in upscale hotel menus around the world, as people are becoming more conscious of their sugar intake and the demand for alternatives to soda has grown. It doesn’t hurt to pay a little more when it comes to the health implications for consuming a virgin cocktail with ingredients that are cleaner than the manufactured soda, and if it also means better tasting drinks.

"Mocktail", as a non-alcoholic version of a cocktail is fondly called, enjoys the same attention as a cocktail recipe minus the booze. It has more character than a juice, classier than a soda, and quite often can be tastier than regular cocktails; when one doesn’t drink alcohol, it doesn’t mean they want to compromise on the experience, the taste quality of their drink and presentation. Sometimes, more thought has to be put into a mocktail than a cocktail since the buzz element of the alcohol has been taken out.

This trend will only grow stronger for years to come as people remain adventurous in taste exploration while there is an increasing understanding in health and wellbeing. Snuggle up, take a sip of the future.


Skybar Snuggles

Peach puree
Cherry puree
Lemon juice
Soda water

RM 23.60 nett


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