Spirit type: Liqueur
Origin: Sicily, Italy
Owner: William Grant & Sons

If you like Hendrick’s Gin, you have to try this liqueur brought to you by the same Master Distiller who created the gin brand – Lesley Gracie. Solerno is blood orange liqueur made exclusively on the island of Sicily.

One of the things one has to do when travelling to Sicily is to try their blood orange. There are many groves on the side of their freeway and it is the nation’s pride for having the best climate to produce great citruses. Solerno has captured that flavour from these blood oranges by abstracting the oil from the citrus, a practice that has been started by a local family since mid-1800. Eat a blood orange from Sicily together with the peat and skin and that is how Solerno tastes like.

Blood orange with red flesh is like fire inside you, just like the passion within the Sicilian for their food and culture. Read about Solerno’s brand ambassador, Jackie Petterson’s experience in Sicilly and around the world with the brand on her blog here.
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