6 shows that will make you a thirsty alcoholic

6 shows that will make you a thirsty alcoholic

We never say no to drinks and you'd always catch us in the mood for one any time. But our thirst level (for both men and drinks, ahem) gets real when we watch these six shows. Not a generally thirsty person? Well, you're about to be.

Mad Men

Obviously, Mad Men tops our list. The 2007 TV series focuses on a group of people who work in one of New York's most prestigious ad agencies in the 1960s. Although the plot includes many characters, at the centre of it all is Don Draper, an account creative, played by the handsome Jon Hamm.

There are many things about Mad Men that makes us crave for a glass of whisky on the rocks. Could it be the amount of infidelity we saw happen? Or was it the keeping track of who's sleeping with who? Or maybe it was the sheer number of times we saw the ad men throw back a glass of whatever's been sitting in their offices. Don't get us started on the smoking.

Thirst level:


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