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The Deacon Blended Scotch: Pernod Ricard first joint product with Sovereign Brands | Drinks | Thirst Magazine
The Deacon Blended Scotch: Pernod Ricard first joint product with Sovereign Brands
Image source: Pernod Ricard Malaysia

The Deacon Blended Scotch: Pernod Ricard first joint product with Sovereign Brands

The Deacon Blended Scotch Whisky, launched in Malaysia on 2 November 2023, marks the collaboration between Pernod Ricard and Sovereign Brands. This signature whisky made its debut amidst a captivating steampunk-themed event held at Skullduggery in Damansara Heights. Attendees were invited to taste the blended Scotch coupled with a hands-on workshop of crafting classic cocktail Penicillin.

Pernod Ricard and Sovereign Brands' Partnership

Promoted as the quintessential choice for the perfect Penicillin cocktail, The Deacon is bottled at 40% ABV and described as imparting a bonfire-like smokiness, complemented by juicy orange sweetness, delicate spice, and a tangy peaty essence that culminates in a long, smooth finish. This blend showcases a fusion of smoky mainland and peaty Islay malt whiskies, effectively marking Pernod Ricard's inaugural peaty whisky addition to its portfolio.

The Packaging

The charm of The Deacon is accentuated with a captivating packaging. The rectangular bottle with a shiny copper coating, draws inspiration from the traditional copper stills employed in the whisky's distillation process. Adorned with an ornate embossed pattern and a label featuring the brand's mascot—a be-goggled deacon—aiming to stand out on the bar shelves. In Scots, "deacon" signifies an adept and proficient master tradesman, mirroring the ethos of Sovereign Brands' owners, Bret and Brian Berish.

Penicillin Cocktail

The Deacon Blended Scotch is touted as the ideal foundation for creating the acclaimed Penicillin cocktail. Celebrated for its bonfire-like smokiness and nuanced flavour profile, The Deacon gives an extra layer of sweetness and body into this iconic cocktail. Taste of the cocktail can be adjustable based on one’s preference from spicy (adding more syrup), fruity (adding more honey), sour (adding more lemon juice), or the writer’s preference would be layering another 10ml of a peated Scotch whisky. Attendees of the launch event were treated to a workshop showcasing the art of crafting the Penicillin, commemorated with a certificate.

Penicillin cocktail recipe

45ml Blended Scotch whisky
15ml Ginger syrup
20ml lemon juice
20ml honey syrup
10ml peated Scotch whisky

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