The Fay Khoo Award 2018 are now accepting entries

The Fay Khoo Award 2018 are now accepting entries

Writing. An age-old form of communication that's been passed down for generations yet still remains one of the least financially rewarding career choices. It's not as easy as it looks, especially food and drink reporting in Asia considering the diversity of cultures. That's where The Fay Khoo Award for Food+Drink comes in.

Established by renowned food and drink author and journalist Fay Khoo, the accolade is meant to spread recognition and awareness of the food and drink reporting scene in the ASEAN region. "The Fay Khoo Award for Food+Drink Writing is to recognise new and talented voices. We believe that there is a space and a need for well-researched and impactful food journalism, because it is through such stories that we can shine a light on people, culture, health, economics and the environment," said award director Bettina Chua Abdullah.

The literary competition is only in its second edition but has been receiving great traction so far. It's also part of the George Town Literary Festival. There are two categories in the competition: Personal Narratives and Reportage. Entries must be submitted only in English and within the 2,000-word limit. You also have to be 16 years or older to be able to participate. It costs RM20 for each submission with a maximum of three entries.

Winners of the Fay Khoo Award for Food+Drink will be announced at the George Town Literary Festival in Penang from 22nd to 25th November 2018. Deadline for entries is on 30th September 2018. For terms and conditions, click here or email thefaykhooaward@gmail.com.

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