Malaysians to choose Limited Edition for The Glenlivet

Malaysians to choose Limited Edition for The Glenlivet

As a global campaign, The Glenlivet launched its Malaysia leg to choose the next limited edition through voting by its fans. Hosted by the Brand Ambassador who has attained the rank of The Glenlivet Guardian, Lionel Lau guided Malaysia’s whisky enthusiasts in the choosing process.


The exclusive tasting event took place at Grand Trinidad Cigar Divan at Best Western Premier. Three unique whiskies from the distillery’s exceptional cask collection were offered for delectation and debate. Fans of the Speyside malt savoured and selected their favourite single malt to become The Glenlivet’s next limited edition, The Guardians’ Chapter.

The choices were Classic, Revival and Exotic. The expressions were handcrafted but the age statement was not specified. As a result from the tasting, attendees were invited to express their thought about their selection. Classic was said to be extremely floral, strong toffee, spicy and smooth; Revival was vanilla, creamy and with a kick from the strong alcohol and Exotic was spicy, orange peel and sweet.

The Classic received the most votes that evening, coming second was Revival and then Exotic. The attendees casted their vote on www.TheGlenlivet.com. Global ranking (as at 22 November 2013) however, is taking a different direction with Exotic having the highest vote at 39%, Classic at 33% and Revival at 28%.

The results will be concluded and announced next March. You still have time, cast your vote and be one of the fans to decide the next chapter.


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