The Magnificent Malts of Mortlach

The Magnificent Malts of Mortlach

Whisky connoisseurs, celebrate: One of Scotland’s finest single malts has finally hit Malaysian shores! The renowned Mortlach brand has recently launched in KL, making its debut together with an appearance by Global Brand Ambassador and whisky expert Georgie Bell – also affectionately known as Ms Mortlach.
With the honour of being the first distillery to be built in Dufftown, Mortlach has been producing high-quality, flavourful single malts since 1823, using its 2.81 distillation system. It remains unrivalled, and has earned itself the nickname ‘the Beast of Dufftown’ by those in the know.
Three expressions are now available: the Rare Old, 18-Year-Old, and the 25-Year-Old – the latter two were named the best malts in their categories at the recent International Spirits Awards 2015. Each one is unique, but all portray Mortlach’s commitment to a real luxury experience.
The Rare Old is an excellent addition to a cocktail, and carries Mortlach’s signature balance of sweetness and dryness, as well as an infusion of fruity and floral notes. The 18-Year-Old is a compelling and delectable expression, with meaty notes, malty sweetness and balancing acidity – a strong whisky that is best enjoyed straight. Lastly, the 25-Year-Old is a delicate combination of roasted spices, with dense layers of sweetness – the favourite expression of Georgie Bell, something she calls ‘the Krug of whisky’.
Even the design of the bottle reflects the rich heritage of Mortlach, inspired by the Golden Age of Engineering with strong lines and architectural detailing, and a generous decanter-style neck for easy pouring. Here, the golden glow of the fine whisky is proudly on display.
These three expressions are now available in Malaysia at all authorised distributors. For more information, visit Moet Hennessy Diageo Malaysia’s official website.

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