The Seven Worlds – a short film

The Seven Worlds – a short film

They say that ‘each drop of Hennessey X.O is an Odyssey’, and Ridley Scott took that idea and ran with it. The Oscar nominated director collaborated with DDB Paris and Hennessey to make a visual journey through the flavour profiles of Hennessey X.O in a surreal, science fiction short film.

Titled "The Seven Worlds" after the seven flavour profiles of Hennessey, we are taken to scenes of deserts inhabited by giants, woodlands coming to life with invisible spirits, meditations under levitating rocks, and flying through a fiery atmosphere, and it’s left up to the viewer to decide if this is happening in the future or the past, in reality or in a dreamscape.

“I was attracted to this project because I was inspired by the potential for art and entertainment to bring this story to life,” said Ridley Scott. “Hennessy has a great product, and I was lucky enough to have the freedom to interpret this and create something amazing. I think people will be stunned when they see the film."

The short film is a voyage of the senses that demonstrates the unparalleled imagination of Scott, as well as the legacy of X.O and the Maison.

The full film is only 4:07 minutes long, but a shorter version that clocks in at just 1:11 minutes can also be found on YouTube, as well as a behind-the-scenes video, and an interview with Scott himself on the project.


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