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This new subscription platform will change your mind about whisky | Drinks | Thirst Magazine
This new subscription platform will change your mind about whisky
Photo: Kim Choong

This new subscription platform will change your mind about whisky

Whisky has grown far and wide globally that we now have access to not only the Uisge Beatha from Scotland but also from places like India, Taiwan, Japan and Australia.

For one who has never touched a dram of the golden liquid, it can be intimidating to start. The Whisky Notes, a new by-the-dram whisky subscription service, is going to make the experience less daunting by injecting education, fun and games.

Founded by three friends who love their drams and wanting to bring the fun of drinking whisky to the Malaysian audience, Aaron Emmanuel Albert, Jin Chuan Low and Alicia Tan started the service in July 2021. To emulate their experience of getting recommendations from the bartender for anything from the shelves and for an open-minded approach, a blind tasting format through a whisky subscription service seems to fit the goal.

Every month, subscribers will receive a specially curated selection of three whiskies in 30ml drams with tasting notes in a beautiful box. A QR code on the tasting card will lead to a website that reveals each whisky’s expression, flavours and fun facts. The Whisky Notes promise that no one expression will be repeated in their subscription.

“Through this experience, we are looking to make whisky fun and accessible. It is educational because it is not just about the liquid, but also the education and romanticism of the distillery behind the liquid,” said Aaron.

Guided tasting is available by appointment, and Alicia, the director and brains behind the whisky curation will be the one to conduct the session. A foodie with a love for whisky, Alicia is the best taster among the three and is known as “Ms Nosy”, whereas Jin is the driver of the project who oversees its viability.

The subscription currently comes in three packages depending on how long you would like to “commit”. The one-, three- and six-months subscriptions are between RM150 and RM140 per month. It is free delivery within West Malaysia and subscribers gets to enjoy members only benefits from their shop.

The subscription is available for gifting, as well as their exclusive gift sets and gift card. If you successfully refer a friend who spends over RM125 on their shop, you will be given a RM15 e-voucher as a reward.

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