Thirst Magazine Issue No. 3: Coffee & Tea

Thirst Magazine Issue No. 3: Coffee & Tea

We went on a hunt for the best cafés in Johor Bahru, visited organic farm and the first and only Liberica beans focused farm in Malaysia.

Want to plan a trip somewhere that’s affordable and with a rising craft beer culture? We suggest Ho Chi Minh. There is a guide inside to the craft beer scene in Vietnam and the best places to go for beer and food (and a beautiful boutique hotel by the river).

Bonus: Coffee & tea cocktail recipes by renowned bartenders in the region.

You can get a copy in all bookstore nationwide (Kinokuniya KLCC, Popular bookstores, MPH etc) or email us at editor@thirstmag.com and we will mail you one.


7 New Booze
10 Pengat Durian Recipe
12 Upcoming Events
13 Coffee Booze
14 Books and a Film
16 Premium Teas
18 Unchartered World of Coffee
22 What is Draft Beer?
26 Vietnam
32 Coffee & Tea Cocktails
38 Change up your café and bar menu with these recipes
44 Gin – A Global Phenomenon
49 From Beans to Cup – My Liberica Coffee Farm
54 Cafes in Johor Bahru
56 Zenxin Organic Farm
58 Property Rental for F&B Outlets
60 This Sucks – The Case Against Straw
61 A Barista’s Memoir 


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