ThirstMag’s Chinese New Year Gift Guide 2023
Image source: Glenfiddich

ThirstMag’s Chinese New Year Gift Guide 2023

The celebrations don’t stop as Chinese New Year is now on our doorstep. Break out your red clothes and start planning your gifts for all the open houses you’ve got lined up later this month. We have a few recommendations to make your decision making easier…


Dressed up for the occasion, Glenfiddich releases the 12, 15, 18, and 21 Year Old expressions in beautifully festive, limited edition gift packs, conceptualised by illustrator Yixin Zeng. The colour-coded expressions feature the brand’s iconic stag, as well as Chinese crane, dragon, fish, and feathers; and also include glasses for drams on the go.

Sago House Singapore CNY 2023 promo

Sago House

Support your local bar with a limited edition gift set (SGD88) from Sago House, Singapore. The jam-packed Prosperity Box features a mini bottle of Stranger & Sons gin (made with a blend of native spices from Goa, India), a bottle of Bak Kwa Negroni mix, two Kes-Sho Freddie T glasses, two Sago House t-shirts, and a pineapple tart pack to get you into the festive spirit.

Remy Martin 1738 CNY 2023 promo

Rémy Martin

Make a statement with a Rémy Martin gift box – the Harmonia Limited Edition collection includes your choice of the 1738 Accord Royal, XO, or VSOP in red or gold packaging. Personally, we think a suitable gift for the aspiring home bartender would be the 1738 Accord Royal (SGD118), which comes with a stainless steel shaker so you can open up the box and get the cognac cocktails flowing immediately.

Glen Grant CNY 2023 packaging

Glen Grant

Making the absolute most of the special occasion, Glen Grant has created the 2023 Lunar New Year release of the 21 Years Old Single Malt whisky (SGD488). Matured in ex-oloroso casks and bourbon barrels, it’s defined by its tropical fruit character, with notes of rich toffee, saccharine peaches, and fruity raisins on the nose. This will, however, only be available in March 2023.

Asahi CNY 2023 packaging


Exclusively available in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia, is Asahi’s Year of the Rabbit limited edition design beer cans. Designed by Japan-based award-winning Nippon Design Centre, the design features bold red and silver geometric, origami shapes that create a rabbit mask, combining the worlds of tradition and innovation together.

Coravin CNY 2023 promo


We’ve also highlighted something for the wine drinkers from world-renowned wine technology company Coravin, known for their innovative way of preserving still wine for up to three years with their Coravin Pure Capsules (which introduce inert Argon gas that prevents oxidation). The Timeless Six+ Lotus Red Gift Set is stocked with eight Pure Capsules, a pair of Screw Caps, a Timeless Aerator, Standard Needle, a Universal Base, and the Tireless Six+ System (plus 10 ang pows in the same design scheme).  Now available for SGD718, exclusively online.

The Macallan CNY 2023 packaging


Drawing inspiration from the Scottish New Year’s Eve tradition of Hogmanay, Macallan created A Night On Earth In Scotland (SGD145) as part of a limited edition gifting series in conjunction with the Lunar New Year to celebrate a unique single malt whisky. Crafted from a selection of The Macallan’s sherry seasoned American and European oak casks and ex-bourbon barrels, it delivers a rich, buttery shortbread flavour, with a velvety mouthfeel.

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