Win big with Tiger Beer this Chinese New Year

Win big with Tiger Beer this Chinese New Year

We might just be coming down from the Christmas high, but we’ve already got Chinese New Year on  our mind. And Tiger Beer wants to help you get your celebrations underway for the Year of the Pig.

From 17th December to 15th February, Heineken Malaysia will run their Chinese New Year promotion – buy a big bottle of Tiger Beer, Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, or Heineken from any participating coffeeshops, food courts, and Chinese restaurants. Check under the bottlecaps and look out for three special characters – “福” (Fu), “禧” (Xi) and “猪” (Zhu)  – for a chance to win some special prizes.

One bottle cap with Fu allows you to redeem an angpow worth RM88,888, one cap with Xi can be exchanged for an exclusive Tiger Beer Mahjong set, and 15 caps with Zhu can be redeemed for an exclusive Prosperity Bowl set.

If you don’t want to take your chances, the mahjong set can be purchased in participating supermarkets throughout January. Grab three cartons of Heineken Malaysia products (including one carton of Apple Fox cider), and the Tiger Beer Mahjong set is yours for only RM99. Act fast as there are only 1,888 units available!

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