Tiger Beer Stands Up For Tigers

Tiger Beer Stands Up For Tigers

Tiger Beer is removing the emblematic tiger from the logo on their bottles and cans for the month of July to get us to imagine a world without tigers. As part of the 3890Tigers campaign, Tiger Beer is sharing the initiative with their consumers to create awareness and raise funds for conservation efforts.

Globally, 96 percent of the wild tiger population has been wiped out over the last century, leaving an estimated population of only 3890 in the wild today (much less than there are currently in captivity). Our own Harimau Malaya has a population of only 250. The largest threat to these wild populations comes from illegal poaching for use in traditional medicine.

This is a worldwide initiative, and Tiger Beer has pledged US$1 million to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) at the end of the campaign period to commit to protecting tigers in the wild with the aim of doubling the population by 2022. They are also partnering with six artists from around the globe – Malaysia’s Kenji Chai, China’s Hua Tunan, France’s Mademoiselle Maurice, Russia’s Nootk, UK’s Nick Gentry and USA’s Tran Nguyen – to create unique artwork for their website and the campaign.

Customers can show their support on 3890Tigers.com by creating selfies using these artworks and taking a stand against the illegal tiger trade – post these selfies to your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) with the hashtag #3890Tigers and let your voice be heard around the world! Those in the Klang Valley will also have a chance to use pop-up ‘pledge booths’ in selected bars and supermarkets. The campaign will culminate on 29 July at Publika for Global Tiger Day, which will display art from the six international artists, alongside 250 tiger art pieces made by local artists.

Find out why it matters to save the vanishing species and how you can contribute to the cause on WWF website. You can also consider adpting the wild fury friend.

Join the cause at 3890Tigers.com, or check out the Tiger Beer Facebook page for more information on the pop-up booths in Malaysia.


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