Tim Tam Slam

Tim Tam Slam

Tim Tam Slam is a way of eating chocolate coated biscuits in hot beverages, usually hot chocolate, coffee or tea. It is a very popular tea sucking practice in Australia and we want to do it with our readers. The practice started in 2002 and was promoted by the company as “Tim Tam Suck”.

Choose any beverage you like to go with the Tim Tam. There are several flavours of the chocolate biscuits available in Malaysia depending on your preference. You can even try doing this with wine, port or Irish cream!

(Top: Australia Classic Dark; bottom: Indonesia Classic Choco)

We find that the original Tim Tam from Australia tastes better than that manufactured in Indonesia. The original version is best with hot chocolate as it is less sweet whereas the Classic version goes well with flat white or dark coffee.

This is how you do a Tim Tam Slam:

1. Bite off the opposite ends of a Tim Tam.

2. Dip one end of the Tim Tam into your beverage. Make sure your drink is not too hot. Then start sucking. The biscuit inside will soak up the liquid and the chocoalte coating will gradually melt from the heated biscuit.

3. Before the biscuit falls into parts, quickly rescue it from your drink and put the whole thing into your mouth. Umm...

4. Some of the melted chocolate will stick on the inside of the mug, adding flavour to your drink.

5. A bit of mess does occur if your Tim Tam is overloaded. Not a game you want to play over a white carpet.

But what a tea time fun game! Now, lick the melted chocolate off your fingers and get back to work!


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