How to pour a perfect Guinness [Videos]

How to pour a perfect Guinness [Videos]

When it comes to drinking stout, Malaysians are no stranger to Guinness, a brand that’s been brewed in Malaysia since 1975 (and rumoured to have been the best outside of Ireland).

The country’s bestselling stout has launched new packaging with a more modern and vibrant look, yet still keeping the elements of Guinness’ 250 years of heritage. The iconic Guinness harp and the bulldog symbol [where the reference in Chinese “黑狗啤” (hēi gŏu pí as in “black dog beer” came from)], which are closely associated with the brand in Malaysia and remain the prominent characters of the new design for both bottles and cans.

On 2nd August 2018, media and friends were invited to a dinner hosted at Hello @ Kitchen Mafia for a pairing of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout with a variety of local dishes using the stout. The partnership with Chef Johnny Fua resulted in a beautiful collectable recipe book featuring 6 recipes and the Guinness pouring methods best enjoyed with the food. Not only did the chef put together a comprehensive guide to making all the dishes, he also drew and coloured the graphics of the dishes.

Here are the three pouring styles that you can try. Each pouring method releases different flavours and aromas from the Guinness. You can do it in your favourite kopitiam, restaurant or at home, to go with your preferred dishes.

Guinness Classic

  1. Pour with glass at a 45-degree angle.
  2. Slowly straighten the glass to form foam (head).
  3. Fill slowly till foam reaches the top of the glass.

Result: 2 fingers of creamy foam that gives the balance of smoothness and rich roasted malted barley.

Pair with: Pork jerky (bakua), buttermilk prawns, asam pedas fish with salted egg and nyonya minced pork rice dumpling (bak chang).

Guinness Rise

  1. Fill ¼ of the glass with Guinness and allow to rest for 30 seconds (if it’s a small glass, give it half the time).
  2. Continue pouring at a 45 degree angle before slowing straightening the glass.
  3. Fill slowly till the foam reaches the top of the glass.

Result: A combination of large and micro foam that allows the liquid to breathe, releasing more hop aroma and flavour.

Pair with: Lala, pan mee, classic fired oyster omelette and fried carrot cake.

Guinness Artisan

  1. Raise bottle at a low height above the glass and pour straight down (teh tarik style). Fill 1/3 of the glass.
  2. Continue pouring at a 45 degree angle before slowly straightening the glass.
  3. Fill slowly for an equal ratio of foam to liquid.

Result: An equal part of foam to liquid for a richer stout taste and smoother foam texture.

Pair with: Chicken heart satay, chilli pork ribs, braised chicken feet and dried bak kut teh.

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