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Enter the Vaportini | Drinks | Thirst Magazine
Enter the Vaportini

Enter the Vaportini

There are many ways you can enjoy alcohol - drinking it neat, with a mixer, even putting it in a dessert or, best yet, making it into a Jello shot.  Granted the last two seems like a fun but an awful way to make use of a good bottle of liquor but Chicago native Julie Palmer has come up with an even more ludricious way. Or is it?

Palmer’s Vaportini provides a revolutionary way of consuming alcohol as it requires its user to inhale rather than swallow. Now, the idea of inhaling spirits just seems too farfetched but apparently the Vaportini retains the smooth flavour as well as the subtleties of the individual spirits, which are then absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This results in no calories gained and more importantly users feel the immediate effects of the alcohol before it dissipates just as quick.

Still despite its apparent plus factors, consumers will find it hard to wrap their head around the Vaportini but there’s no denying the interest it has sparked thus far. The brave few who want to try out this new and innovative fad can purchase a Vaportini kit, which consists of a glass globe, metal ring, plastic funnel, glass straw and candle from the official site and try it out themselves.  The kit will set you back about $UD35, and alcohol is sold separately… 


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