What her drinks tells you about her

What her drinks tells you about her

Get inside Her head! (A non-scientific approach to sussing out women)

Gentlemen, why do we drink? Of course to socialise, to lose our awkward inhibitions so as to endear ourselves to the fairer sex in the hope that she too will lose all of Her inhibitions. Now when you meet Her, all nervous and clammy-handed and ask her that most important first question of the night: “What would you like to drink?” … what does her answer say about Her and your prospects for the rest of the night?


Assuming she is not Irish then what does a pint of the black stuff say about your date? She’s likely to be self-confident and doesn’t care what people think when they see her quaffing a pint of ‘manly’ stout.  Her ripped jeans and baggy t-shirt may mean she’s an arty liberal with a love of talking about politics and art while smoking her rollies until 4am … or maybe she’s a power-dressing young professional just as comfortable in the office surrounded by her peers as she is commanding your corner of the bar.
Either way, the best bet is to challenge her boundaries, find out her goals in life and what makes her tick. This is a woman equally comfortable lazing on the beach as she would be climbing Mount Kinabalu. However, if at any point she tells you how much she can bench-press, then I suggest you might literally be barking up the wrong tree.

The prince of wines deserves the pedestal it sits upon, so let’s hope this young lady’s effervescent personality lives up to the bubbles in the Champagne flute she strokes between her fingers. This princess loves being the centre of attention and you will need to give her all of yours.  She has expensive tastes – which she believes she is deserving of – whether she is a young debutante or a social climber, so you will need to live up to her expectations as she will not be forgiving if you don’t. Talk about her and listen to her.  Keep plying her with bubbly and hopefully your investment will bear fruit.


An irrepressible Latin spirit exudes from this deliciously refreshing cocktail and hopefully this will be within your date for the night! She will be fun and upbeat, and willing to learn more about you so you do the talking.  You should be thinking about quickly moving the conversation onto the dance floor instead of allowing her to caress her drink …where you could be showing off your moves and caressing each other.

Vodka Tonic
Simple and to the point, this no-nonsense drink tells you just how she likes her nights out. A young lady throwing these low-calorie numbers down will enjoy her guilt-free evenings, as she holds nothing back.

Short of saying you once went out with her sister, you can do nothing wrong in her eyes if she’s already agreed to go out with you. However, you will have to keep up with this fast-paced party girl if you are going to have as much fun as she wants.


Be it red or white, drinking wine in a bar either means she’s mature and sophisticated or had a horrendous week in the office.  Either way, tread carefully as her tolerance for time-wasters will be low. This lady is looking for the real deal and will be summing you up all the time.  Don’t try too hard, but make her laugh and you’ll be on a home run.

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