Have an open bottle of wine but can’t finish it? Or there is a special bottle that you don’t want to drink it all at once? Here is a simple way to save your open bottle of wine for days up to weeks without it turning sour. What’s better? It works as well on sparkling wine without losing the fizz.
Winesave uses argon to separate the wine from oxygen. Argon is a type of gas that is 2.5 times heavier than oxygen. It rests on everything lies beneath it and as it doesn’t mix with everything it comes in contact with, spraying it in the wine bottle let it lies on top of the wine, preventing its contact with oxygen. Argon is also ordourless, colourless , has no taste and not chemically reactive. Therefore it is ideal to be used to store wine without affecting its original taste.

Winesave comes with a rubber tube extension that you can fit that into your open wine bottle, squirt once to let the argon air in, without delay, replace the bottle cap, cork or stopper and store it upright avoid shaking the bottle.

Winesave is recommended by renowned wine producer M. Philippe Gugal, who even promoted it in his wine events. 

You can buy winesave online and have it delivered to your house or buy from any Denise Wine outlets nationwide.


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