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Close Shave Singapore: Where Hairstyles Inspire Signature Cocktails | Outlets | Thirst Magazine
Close Shave Singapore: Where Hairstyles Inspire Signature Cocktails
Photo: Kim Choong

Close Shave Singapore: Where Hairstyles Inspire Signature Cocktails

How pivotal is your hair in shaping your image? I'd argue, incredibly important.

Consider how many famous personalities can be recognized by their hair silhouette: Victoria Beckham with her bob cut, Jennifer Aniston's center parting straight long blonde, or Angelina Jolie's Tomb Raider braid...

Close Shave, an extension of the grooming shop Sultans of Shave on North Canal Road, has aptly incorporated the hair theme into its cocktail menu, aligning it with the barber shop's ambiance and naming drinks after iconic hairstyles. The goal is to spark conversations inspired by these hairstyles and serve drinks that align with the guest’s personality, mirroring the way hairstylists craft a style that best suits their customers' preferences.

The speakeasy bar serves 10 signature cocktails under its signature menu “Styles”. Each drink is tailored to individual personalities inspired by their unique hairstyle's presentation. The personality of those who don the hairstyle is reflected through the individual flavor profile. Do a personality test through the questionnaire scanned via a QR code to help decide which drink to go for from the Styles menu.

Close Shave Singapore speakeasy bar cocktails
From left: Bob Marley, Posh Spice and G.I. Joe [Photo: Kim Choong]

For those seeking a more personalised journey, guests are at liberty to venture beyond the confines of the Styles menu. Here, the skilled artisans behind the bar, Ian and Ally, stand ready to craft bespoke concoctions, intuitively tailored to individual taste profiles, moods, and personalities, all within available ingredients.

Entering Close Shave on the second floor leads to a cozy lair. First welcomed by an open bar, backlit wooden shelves decorated with spirit bottles and navy blue seating, while the Japanese-inspired design bar counter mirrors Ian’s cocktail-crafting finesse, adding a touch of panache.

There is an inner section past a curtain and an outdoor seating area through a side door, allowing intimate gatherings. While the bar does not offer a dining menu, complimentary pretzel snacks make for a delightful accompaniment to the cocktails, adding to the conviviality in the company of the friendly bartenders.

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Address: 13 North Canal Rd, #01-02, Singapore 048826
Telephone No: +65 88104584
Website: https://www.instagram.com/closeshavesg
Operation Time: Mon-Sat: 6 pm – 12 am; Closed Sundays

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