Concubine KL
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Concubine KL

The area surrounding Petaling Street in KL’s Chinatown hasn’t been the same since the opening of Kwai Chai Hong which relives the golden era of the area in the 1960s. With wall murals that illustrate scenes of the narrow back alleys, the enclave offers a line-up of hip and funky restaurants, bars and cafés. 

Concubine KL is that place to go for casual dining and cocktails, easily transitioning into after-dinner drinks and party. The wall murals in the outlet portray qipao-wearing women with their flirtatious demeanour, depicting “lovers” during the 1960s era.

Thank goodness women can choose to marry or not marry these days and don’t have to be called a “concubine”. 

The restaurant bar was opened at the beginning of 2020 before the MCO hit. Though regarded as a cocktail bar first, they have included bites that were carefully thought out from the get-go, which was easily developed into a fully dine-in and takeaway menu.

Having experience as a bartender for numerous years, Danny Winter is also the main driver in the development of the restaurant’s food menu. Originally from Hull, Winter has worked in takeaway shops since 13 and has always been fond of international cuisines. The bites in Concubine are a fusion of food from places he has travelled to, and he just plays around with different ideas to see which work.


Concubine KL Cocktails

Bunga Kantan Fizz
Widges Dry Gin, Aperol, elderflower, bunga kantan cordial, lemon, Absinthe, egg white, soda
A riff of the Ramos Gin Fizz, this drink takes time and patience to make and includes 10-seconds in the fridge before being topped with soda. It has the fragrance of the elderflower and the flavour of bunga kantan that is brought out by the zestiness in the drink. This is a drink that can sit a little. Mix the foam into the drink for more texture.

Empress Negroni
Widges Dry Gin, oolong tea, Campari, Dolin Rouge, maraschino, rose
A twist of the classic Negroni, this drink has the subtle perfume from the rose which works harmoniously with the oolong. One of the their best sellers, we just wish it was served in a lighter rock glass. Drink this one fast.

Concubine KL Cocktails

Pedro Wong
Machetazo Mezcal, smoked red date, tamarind, lime, agave, daun kesum and cucumber foam
The toasty flavours of the mezcal hits at the same time as the greeny cucumber on the foam. Subtle sweetness and tartness on the palate. Best to drink when it’s chilled and drink fast, as the foam can collapse which makes it taste a little heavy.

Cold Brew Colada
Coconut water, Bacardi 8, pineapple and coconut water cordial, Mr. Black's Cold Brew Liqueur, soda
For fans of coconut water and long, sweet refreshments, this is another way to drink it. Add coffee liqueur and cordial, top with soda over a chunk of ice, and there we have it,  this summer drink that suits every time of the day.


The food and drinks at Concubine can be enjoyed in separate visits. Dine-in downstairs under the bright lights and bring the party upstairs where the atmosphere is sultrier. Have beers or highballs with their bites, otherwise their new burger menu works better for takeaways or delivery.

Concubine Food Menu

Tuna Tataki
Seared tuna, mango, shiso oil, garlic, pink pickled onion, sancho pepper
The Tuna Tataki is meant to be consumed in one bite, not many can do that.

Umami Burger
Beef and bone marrow patty, garlic alloli, pickled shiitake mushroom, spring oion, cheddar, fries and cucumber acar
Punch of flavours. Won't want the fries after.

Concubine KL Food Menu

Grilled Milk Corn
Milk corn, sambal belado butter, calamansi, lime leaf
Grilled Milk Corn is basically Japanese pearl corn, it’s the butter sambal that gives the kick.

Korean Chicken Wings
Chicken wings, gochujang, honey, spring onions, sesame, lime
Don’t order the Korean Chicken Wings until you order a big mug of beer or a full glass of highball, trust us, you’ll need it.

Concubine KL Gyozas

DBL Cheese Burger Gyozas
Beef, sharp cheddar, onion pickles, mustard, cheese sauce
The bite-sized DBL Cheese Burger Gyozas are the dumpling version of McD cheese burger. The pickle juice makes the difference!

Foie Gras & Smoked Duck Gyozas
Smoked duck, crispy duck fat, foie gras, shiitake, 3 spice, pineapple chutney
The pineapple chutney strikes the balance with the fat in the Foie Gras & Smoked Duck Gyozas.

For fun times and parties, the heritage building has a balcony upstairs that gives a good view of Kwai Chai Hong, so bring up your cocktails and wines.

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Address: Lot 2, Jalan Panggong, City Centre, 50000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Telephone No: +601160902416
Website: http://www.concubinekl.com/
Operation Time: Tue - Sun: 11.30am - 12am; Closed Mondays

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