GEKKO Dining
Photos: Kim Choong

GEKKO Dining

Whenever there is a new Japanese cocktail bar that opens, we get excited.

Sam Kinugawa's latest addition to the KL bar scene is Gekko, a japas, omakase sushi and cocktail bar in Medan Damansara.

The word “Gekko” carries two meanings: 1. Refers to 月光 げっこう, gekkō in Japanese, which means “moonlight”; and 2. Refers to the gecko, the nocturnal lizard that takes shelter in our house which is regarded as the house guardian in Japanese culture.

Gekko Dining Strawberry Old Fashioned
Strawberry Old Fashioned

Opening its doors right after MCO2.0, the bar took two months for renovation since end of 2020. The wooden bar top, brass pipes as shelves, brick walls and display racks made of metal rods and modern design leather chairs form a fusion of industrial and sophistication for the 40 pax capacity space.

Details include the lights that directly shine down over the bar top where drinks are mixed in front of guests, perfect for instagram and signature to all Kinugawa's bars; hooks for bags under the bar counter and plug points to charge devices you cannot live without.

Gekko's signature cocktails such as the Mangosteen Saketini and Black Grape sake cocktail are seasonal. All-time favourites are the simple yet strong Old Fashioneds: bourbon infused with banana, Kikubin infused with strawberry or jackfruit.

Sam Kinugawa
Sam Kinugawa

Sam sometimes curates omakase cocktails upon request according to your choice of spirits, mood, whether it’s before or after dinner, and the number of glasses required.

Sip to the lo-fi tunes, breathe in the smokey wood chip scent from the bar snacks and wind down to the slow-paced Japanese cocktail bar vibe.

A separate private sushi bar that sits 8 will be open soon while bites like baby octopus with shiso salsa, karaage puffer fish, seafood don and sushi are ready to go with the cocktails.

Reserve your seats before showing up.

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Address: 120A, Jalan Kasah, Medan Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Telephone No: +60320116124
Website: https://www.facebook.com/Gekko-Dining-107101564755695
Operation Time: Daily 5.00pm – 11.30pm, kitchen closed on Sundays

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