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Snacking at Imbue | Outlets | Thirst Magazine
Snacking at Imbue
Photos: Kim Choong

Snacking at Imbue

Imbue is offering something a little different from the stretch of restaurants and bars on Keong Saik. The contemporary European restaurant has launched a new snack menu with a blend of Asian flavours and ingredients starting at just S$8. Known for its progressive take on cuisine, Imbue's new snack and cocktail menu offers night-outers an array of tantalising small plates and carefully crafted beverages.

The creative force behind Imbue's exceptional menu is Chef Lee Boon Seng, whose expertise in modern techniques and presentation transforms traditional Asian flavours into contemporary masterpieces. Highlights include the Tea Leaf Quail Egg, infused with smoky lapsang souchong tea and topped with Kaluga Caviar, and the Three Cup Chicken Liver Cigar, a delicate blend of chicken pâté and sesame ash.

For discerning drinkers, Imbue offers a thoughtful wine list with selections ranging from everyday pours to celebratory vintages like Craggy Range Te Muna Pinot Noir Martinborough 2020, El Enemigo Chardonnay Mendoza 2021, and Moulin Touchais – Coteaux du Layon Loire, France 1996.

Imbue’s craft cocktails are complex yet sessionable, with prices starting from S$16. Signature drinks like Heaven and Earth, a refreshing mix of elderflower and five-spice, and the bold Opera, featuring spiced rum and Irish cream, pair harmoniously with the nibbles.

Imbue on Keong Saik

The restaurant seats 38 pax and a cozy 4-seat at the bar.

Here are the items we tried during a hosted tasting, along with our tasting notes:


Tea Leaf Quail Egg (S$12) qual egg infused with smoky lapsang suchong tea with Kaluga Caviar topping served on Century Egg Emulsion
Three Cup Chicken Liver Cigar (S$8) is chicken pate infused with rose wine, sesame oil, soy sauce) piped into a spring roll diced green Apple Date sprinkled with sesame Ash
“MALAI” bread (S$18) – malt used in coating the bread, ginseng and thyme infused honey on butter shaped as honeycomb
Yam Noodles (S$11) – compressed into rectangular form and deep fried to crunchiness, each layered with a slice of finely salted Spanish anchovy carpeted by Oyster Emulsion
Mushroom Skewer (S$8) and tofu topped with Citrus Gremolata Emulsion
Oxtail Spring Roll (S$11) with oxtail soaked in malt vinegar, made into spring rolls represented with a sprinkle of yoghurt powder

Imbue Keong Saik Cocktails
[Photos: Kim Choong]


Heaven and Earth ($25) (left) – Mazzanez elderflower, Green Chartreuse, apple, five spice
Ma Lai Gao (S$28) (middle) – Michter’s Rye, Demonio de los Andes Pisco, Sherry, Malt
Opera (S$28) (top right) – Black Tears Spiced Rum, Mr. Black Coffee, Couverture, Five Farms Irish Cream garnished with Chocolate Almond Cookie

We ordered Roots (S$28) (bottom right) from the Contemporary cocktail section that’s inspired by a traditional recipe from Jiahu brewed from rice, honey, grapes and hawthorn fruit. The replication is a concoction with cognac, baijiu, rice wine, chrysanthemum honey and turnip Kvass. The complex combination of sweet and sour with the vanilla note from cognac and funkiness from the baijiu somehow harmoniously presented a boozy yet mellow tasting cocktail with the note of honey suckle. 

Imbue is part of 1855 F&B Group and is located at 32 Keong Saik Road, 089137 Singapore. Open for lunch on Fridays to Sundays, 12pm – 2.30pm; dinner seating on Tuesdays to Saturdays, 6pm – 8.30pm and 8.30pm – 11pm; Closed Mondays. Call +65 6223 7266 to make reservations.

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