Mish Mash Penang

Mish Mash Penang

It is hard to find a safe bar for a girl to go out drinking alone. It is hard for one to be at a tourist spot and not being treated like a walking cash machine. It’s even harder to find a bar with decent cocktail. We feel you. That’s why we are so thrilled to find this quaint coffee shop bar at the heart of George Town.

Mish Mash Penang is where you can have a quiet drink on your own or with mates. The set up is simple but well thought of. Located on Muntri Street and as part of the UNESCO heritage site, Mish Mash Penang is big on preserving the architecture and local craft, even bigger on their crafty cocktails. The bar has combined passion from a local bartender, a chef and an artist. The result is how a local bar in Malaysia feels like – coffee shop style.

Asian centric murals on the wall were completed in stages. The yellow hallway with nine fish signifies the flow of ‘qi’ in the outlet. The other major piece of artwork by the artist is the wall of Kirin, curated to represent the fun side of the Japanese mythical beast. Other smaller art pieces that showcase the artist’s carefully and detailed skills are displayed at the private room.

Our focus was on the cocktail menu that is created mainly using local ingredients. The bar has brought out the uniqueness of ingredients that we use mostly in food preparation but left out by the mainstream bartenders’ menu from the west. Here we find our very own Malaysian style cocktails and a way to introduce our culture through drinks, just like how we have always done through food. Base the standard of classic cocktails with ones here and you should learn the definition of ‘balance’ in the cocktail context.

For smoker, you will find a full range of tobacco supply that is not available elsewhere on the island. Though the inside of the property is smoke free, the walkway area is allocated for the fix. Ask the bartender for a pairing advice from their range of cigars to go with your whisky or cocktail.

The Local

Thyme, white peach puree, apple juice and Roselle hibiscus sugar accompanied by ‘pineapple flower’.

The Classic

Bee’s Knees
A prohibition era cocktail make of Beefeater gin, fresh lemon juice and honey.

The Legend

Tommy’s Margarita

Created by legendary tequila expert Julio Bermejo, this concoction is made from Olmeca tequila, fresh lime juice and agave sugar served alongside sea salt coated spiced pineapple.

The Twisted Classic

Smoky Rob

Chivas Regal 12 yrs, Sweet Italian Vermouth, DOM Benedictine liqueur infused with Maple wood smoke.

The Coffee Lover

Espresso Cubano
Havana 3 yrs rum, espresso and illyquore coffee liquor

Kim Choong

Address: 24 Muntri Street, George Town, 10200 Penang, Malaysia.
Telephone No: +6017 536 5128
Website: http://www.mishmashpg.com
Operation Time: Tue - Sun: 15:00 - 00:00

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