Pun's Ice Cream KL
Pun's Ice Cream

Pun's Ice Cream KL

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Pun’s Ice Cream KL is the place to be if you’re a fan of ice cream and are up for an adventure! Founders Tan San Eu (Euwie) and Beh E Laine (Elaine) know how to keep their customers coming back for more, with not your everyday ice cream flavours. Think infamous local favourites - sambal belacan (shrimp paste), soy sauce, and baby octopus! Yes, you read that right! Aside from these experimental flavours, the classics are well worth trying, with my personal favourites being Rocky Road and Nutting Hill!

The Puntry operates daily with a special weekend food selection where you can pick between the Sweet and Salty menus, from the likes of the Hot Dayumm spicy fried chicken to mochi waffles topped with ice-cream of your choice!

If you happen to be craving for some delicious tender meat the Wagyu Talking about is back on the menu for a limited time and features the wagyu beef with beer-infused rice, onsen egg and some sweet jam to go with. Their last call on weekends is at 9.30pm so get your meat and ice cream on!

The last call on weekends is at 9.30pm so do get your meat and ice cream on!

P/S: If you're a vegan fret not as there are vegan ice creams too!


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