A Must-Visit Destination in Phnom Penh, Sora Bar
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A Must-Visit Destination in Phnom Penh, Sora Bar

Perched on the 37th floor, overlooking the bustling streets of Phnom Penh, Sora (meaning "sky" in Japanese) at Rosewood is the highest sky bar in the capital city of Cambodia. Comprising an indoor section and a cantilevered terrace bar, the top deck is the perfect place to watch the sunset while enjoying a quality tipple from the bar's famed "The Book of Yokai".

In partnership with Proof Creative consultancy, the cocktail menu borrows influences from Japanese legends and marries them with Cambodian staple ingredients for a complete local flavour journey.

“The Book of Yokai”

Drawing inspiration from the mysterious creatures of Japanese folklore and pairing them with Khmer staple ingredients, "The Book of Yokai" is an exploration of flavours elaborated in an illustrated imagination. Rice, Kampot Pepper, Palm Sugar, and Bananas are the four main elements represented, each by a mythical creature, presenting a total of three cocktails and one mocktail in each section.

Sora Bar Phnom Penh cocktails

Immerse yourself in the myths, tales, and folklore of these celestial beings, starting with the Dragon matched with Cambodian high-quality Rice. The Jewel Princess (US$12), a stirred drink using Premier Cru Cognac, Genmaicha Tea, Chinato Vermouth, and Amaro Averna, tells a love story of a hunter who could not afford lush presents for the princess but presented her with rice and tea, which the princess turned into precious jewels.

Tanuki, a shapeshifting supernatural entity matched with Sugar Palm, an abundant produce on Awaji Island. Living on Mount Mikuma on the island is the Shibaemon-Tanuki who would drum his belly while drinking fragrant and spiced alcohol. The Green Leaf Fizz (US$12) mixes London Dry Gin, Kaffir Leaf, White Port, Sugar Palm, Citrus, Foam, Soda, and Matcha for a complex long sip.

Sora Bar Phnom Penh cocktails

Chapter three features Kitsune with Kampot Pepper, which Cambodia is the highest quality producer in the world. Sora .75 (US$12) of Sparkling Sake, London Dry Gin, Kampot Pepper, Passion Fruit Sherbet, and Citrus served in a champagne flute reflecting the celebratory nature of Kitsune no Yomeiri.

Finally, Tengu is matched with Banana, the national fruit of Cambodia. Birds of Prey (US$12) using Japanese Grain Whisky, Banana Skin, Galangal, Lillet Blanc, and New Orleans Bitters evoke the legendary warrior creature who would carry a fan made of seven feathers from the white-tailed eagle of Japan.

Bar Snacks

Sora's bar snacks, coming in cold and hot varieties, are Japanese izakaya-style bites deliciously prepared by Iza, their sister outlet in Rosewood.

Ranging from edamame to rolls, and crispy shrimp to ramen, there is something for every appetite. Start with Edamame Three Ways (US$7) - Sea Salt, Kizami Wasabi, Spicy Miso - to whet the taste buds, then proceed to line the stomach with Salmon Oshizushi (US$18), a Norwegian Salmon Pressed Sushi, before diving into the hot bites.

For a satisfying crunch, opt for Crispy Shrimp (US$9) or Crispy Miso Chicken (US$9); if you're feeling famished, the Wagyu Beef Sliders (US$12) are a fulfilling snack that can serve as a meal for smaller eaters. The Hokkaido Scallops (US$15) are grilled to the perfect juicy yet munchable ratio. Our favourite, however, is the off-the-menu Gyu Kurume Ramen (US$11) with its just-right noodle texture, well-balanced creamy pork broth, and beef slices cooked to a medium doneness.

A visit to Sora Bar and spending an evening there is a must when visiting Phnom Penh. It promises an unforgettable experience that should be added to your bucket list, or in your cocktail map.

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Address: Vattanac Capital Mall, 66 Level 37, Phnom Penh 12202, Cambodia
Telephone No: +855 23 936 860
Website: https://www.rosewoodhotels.com/en/phnom-penh/dining/sora
Operation Time: Daily: 5pm-12am

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