Studio Lounge

Studio Lounge

Located in Tropicana City Mall, Studio Lounge is a trendy drinking joint sprawling over two floors. The design is overall modern and edgy. With a semi-outdoor seating, it is airy and spacious here even on a hot humid night. But their unique selling point here is the interactive American-Patented “On Demand Drinking System’ which is a ‘self service tap.’ Studio Lounge is the first outlet that brings in such system in Malaysia. With their self-service tap, you can tap right at table indefinitely between two to three brands of beer from a single station. Basically, you pour your own beer and pay as much as you drink. Definitely a crowd-pleaser we think. Apart from that, every Wednesday to Friday, they host an ‘open-mic’ session where customers are encouraged to go on stage and sing their lungs out. And with your permission, they will record your performance and upload it on Youtube. This ‘open-mic’ session has proven to be quite a hit amongst the patrons. If you are not too confident with your voice, down that pint of beer and you’ll be fine.

Address: Tropicana City Mall, 3 Jalan SS 20/27, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Telephone No: +6012 336 8637
Website: http://www.studiolounge.my/
Operation Time: Not available

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