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bouchon Enfin
bouchon Enfin in Pavilion

bouchon Enfin

Award-winning Malaysian chef James Won has opened a new venue with his business partner Scott Lim in Pavilion KL. The new diner celebrates the combination of the best of Malaysian and French cuisine.

Chef Won intends to add a Malaysian twist to the restaurant’s French menu by drawing inspiration from his grandmother’s recipes that evokes a sense of familiarity and comfort. “Bouchon” in Lyon, France refers to family-style restaurants that typically feature recipes passed down generation to generation.

The menu is created with the Malaysian makan culture of food sharing in mind so and for any occasion, yum cha sessions and even sharing moments with loved ones. The star are the smoked ham and bacon by their in-house charcuterie expert, Mr Kuan which are included in their rice and pasta dishes.

In-line with celebrating all things local, bouchon Enfin works with social enterprise Langit Collective to source heirloom agriculture products from East Malaysia such as rice, golden coral snails, and peppercorn.; engaged award-winning interior designer Swofinty Yik Design and graffiti artists Kenji Chai for the design of the restaurant.

The restaurant’s drinks menu offers a wide varieties of gin to go with London Essence Tonic, classic and signature cocktails, wines and champagne to go with their food and to hangout with in their outlet.

On social responsibility side, the restaurant within the BeKind Group donates 10% of their proceeds as a group to partner charities and foundations. With their #SupporkLokal initiative, a sandwich cart is set up outside their restaurant at level 3 Pavilion every morning during the MCO complimentary to anyone who really needs a bite.

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