David Hans

David Hans

(Photographer: Cliff Choong)

Diageo World Class Malaysia 2014 Bartender

Full Name: Ong Wei Han
Nickname: David Hans
D.O.B.: Hometown: 04.11.1989, Kedah.
Something funny:
I have been mistaken as a Korean by many people particularly by foreign customers, without knowing the reason why. Surely you don’t have to be from Korea to be a bartender, right?
What kind of customers do you like?
I like my customers friendly and talkative especially those who share exciting stories with me. I also like customers who give me feedback.
Which part of your job do you enjoy the most?
• It fulfills my passion in creating cocktails for customers according to their mood that surprises them.
• Meeting people from all walks of life and becoming their friend whom I exchange views about culture and experiences.
What do you usually drink when you are not working?
Beer and herbal tea

Career history:
2013 – Present – The Roof, Signature Hill Lounge Bar and Restaurant - Bar Supervisor.
2013 - Circus Lounge Bar, Kuala Lumpur - Bar Supervisor
2013 - The Establishment, Kuala Lumpur - Bar Supervisor
2012 - Farquhar’s Bar, Eastern and Oriental Hotel, Penang - F&B Captain
2010 - 2012 - Farquhar’s Bar, Eastern and Oriental Hotel, Penang - Bartender
2010 - All Sports Bar, Genting Highlands Hotel - Bartender

World Class Recipes

First Challenge

Basil Greeting
Tanqueray No.10 Gin
Chartreuse Yellow
Elderflower Syrup
Fresh Lemon Juice
Egg White
Basil Leaves
White Grapes

Basil leaf

Muddle grapes and basil in Boston Glass
Add in all ingrediants including egg white
Dry shake, add ice, shake again
Strain into glass, garnish, serve



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