Greg Norman

Greg Norman

There’s been a special limited edition blend of Blue Label carrying your name. How did that come about?
Well that was the result of a relationship that really started way back when I was playing  in the Johnnie Walker Classic all those years ago. There’s an incredible connection for the past 22 years and here we are today still maintaining it and it's amazing.

So how did it feel having a bottle of ‘Greg Norman’ limited brew?
It feels fantastic; you know I have a couple of bottles tucked away just for special occasions.

So how does the Great White Shark enjoy his Blue Label Whiskies?
I really do enjoy it to tell you the truth. It’s interesting, when I’m back in the States and I host one of my dinner parties, I find a lot of people don’t really know how to enjoy whisky properly. And when you teach them or show them, they normally go “wow, is this good!”. I’ve learnt from people like Jonathan Driver on how to drink and to teach people how to enjoy the whisky they’re going to drink.

In your opinion, what embodies the Blue Label spirit?
It’s sophisticated, it’s smooth and to me any consumer has the ability to drink can make a choice in life. Why do they choose Johnnie Walker Blue Label and for the most part it’s always about the pedigree and history of what it's all about. When you talk about Johnnie Walker, you’re talking about one of the most iconic logos in the world and it always plays through to what comes out of the bottle.

In your opinion, what defines a good whisky?
Here’s a good analogy: it’s like when I’m at home and I open up a very old bottle of red wine and have it with pizza and everyone thinks you’re nuts because they think you should have a good red wine with an elaborate meal. I’m the complete opposite. To me, a great bottle of wine like a great bottle of whisky can always stand on its own.


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