Leow Yinying

Leow Yinying

(Photographer: Cliff Choong)

Diageo World Class Malaysia 2014 Bartender

Full Name: Leow Yinying
Nickname: Yinying
D.O.B.: 25 August 1990
Hometown: Puchong, Selangor
Something funny:
At my work place, we have a huge high shelf to put bottles behind the bar. Customers usually awe at the height of the shelf and wonder how we are supposed to get the bottles on the highest shelf if someone orders it. But the truth is, those bottles that are unreachable are all dummy bottles. Sometimes when the customers asked, I will just play along with answers like "I can fly" or "I can climb like a monkey". Whereby my manager loves to use the "she knows kung fu" to joke with the customers. Some of them actually believed him!
What kind of customers do you like?
One that is very particular in his or her drink, like they would want a half gin half vodka martini with both olives and lemon twist, and then tells you what he or she thinks about the drink. And also customers who would share what is “wrong” in the drink, rather than filing a complaint just because the drink did not suit their taste.
Which part of your job do you enjoy the most?
That sort of satisfaction you get when a special request was made and sent to the customer, then the customer turns at you and give you a thumbs-up or something of the same effect.
What do you usually drink when you are not working?
Light cocktails. Nothing heavy.

Career history:
This is my first job after graduated from college, currently work as a junior bartender at Marini’s on 57 since October last year in 2012.

World Class Recipes

First Challenge - 3rd place

The Ragged Ocean
dried lavender infused Cragganmore 12 years Single Malt
Saffron infused Regan’s Orange Bitters
Angostura Bitters
sugar cube

In mixing glass put sugar and bitters
Add water, crush cube with bitters and stir until all is dissolved
Add Lavendar infused Cragganmore 12yr, add in ice
Stir and strain into chilled glass


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