Negroni Week 2016

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From June 6 to 12 do some good by ordering yourself a Negroni in support of Negroni Week and charity fundraising.

Started as a celebration of one of the greatest cocktails in the world by Imbibe Magazine and Campari in 2013, Negroni Week has gone on to become a global event and raised more than $440,000 for charities across the world since.

The original cocktail recipe – made with one part (30ml) each of gin, Campari and sweet vermouth, stirred with ice then strained into a chilled rock glass or coupe and garnished with an orange peel – was invented in 1919 in Florence, Italy, and is typically enjoyed as an aperitif.

A few of our best bars in Malaysia are participating in this year’s Negroni Week, each donating portions of their sales to charities close to their hearts – check out the rundown below:

Boulevadier in Mish Mash Penang uses Singleton Signature, Campari and Carpano Classico. They also serve Negroska (vodka base) and Negroni Blanc (gin base).

Mish Mash, Penang
For every Negroni purchased, RM5 will be contributed to Project Aurora Penang – a charity group that sends food to the homeless in the city.

Negroni with Safforn Gin infusion in a jar (RM80 each, serves 2.5 glass) attached to a soft toy bunny is available at Hyde and 61 Monarchy during the Negroni Week.

Hyde at 53M, and 61 Monarchy, Damansara Uptown
10% of Negroni sales will go towards Shelter Home Malaysia – a welfare organisation that helps abused, abandoned, neglected and at-risk children.

Karl Too's Whitegrass Negroni using The Bontanist, Carpano Bianco, Lemongrass Water and Campari Aperitif.

Omakase + Appreciate, KL & Sparrow, Kota Damansara
10% of Negroni sales will be donated to Hiichiikok Foundation - a charity focused on creating caring and nurturing environments for orphans, children from single parent households and underprivileged backgrounds.