Chivas HiBall campaign aims its Hi-Lo aesthetic concept at drinkers
Photos: Kim Choong

Chivas HiBall campaign aims its Hi-Lo aesthetic concept at drinkers

Chivas has in early September 2021 launched a new campaign aimed at dropping the seriousness of whisky drinking by offering an easy, fun and stylish way of serving the classic highball.

The highball category is one where a drink is built with one liquor, one mixer and an optional garnish, hence a whisky highball generally comprises of one part whisky and larger part soda with a squeeze of lemon. In recent years, this drink has gained popularity in Japan.

There are several anecdotes about the origin of the name “highball”. One was, a highball drink is built at speed, just like a ball would be raised at the station in the 19th century when a train is behind schedule and needed to speed up. Another saying was that the use of the term “ball” referred to a glass of whiskey in the golf club bars in Ireland. One more makes reference to the glassware used to serve the drink in, and the size of a glass is determined by the blower from the size of the ball.

Whisky Highball (pronounced as “Haibōru” in Japanese) is traditionally seen as the go-to drink in izakayas, Japanese bars that serve small dishes to accompany the alcoholic drinks. They are typically served in a beer mug. Chivas’ campaign has adopted this culture by incorporating Japanese street style aesthetic in their packaging. The hi-low aesthetic concept for Chivas HiBall brings the high end world of Chivas and juxtaposes that with the bolder, urban and vibrant street culture of Japan, representing the clash of two worlds.

The Chivas 12YO gift pack (RM235) comes with a mug with choice of two designs and two sodas. It is promoted as a drink that can be made fast, is refreshing, and suitable for all occasions and moments.



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Chivas HiBall Recipe

  1. Pour 50 ml Chivas Regal 12-Year-Old
  2. Fill glass full of ice
  3. Top-up with Soda
  4. Garnish with lemon slice/ wedge

“Chivas Regal Malaysia has always encouraged our drinkers to enjoy their Scotch the way they want to. …With Chivas HiBall, we’re celebrating a simple classic and elevating it with the bold flavours of the Chivas Regal 12 Year Old whilst welcoming a new generation of whisky drinkers who are curious to experience Scotch in different ways,” commented Benny Tsang, Managing Director of Pernod Ricard Malaysia.

Three authentic BEARBRICK 1000% figurines worth a total of RM20,000 are in a lucky draw to be won by those who purchase Chivas products. They are the BEARBRICK Maneki Neko Gold Plated 1000% Light Emission, BEARBRICK Jean-Michel Basquiat #6 1000%, and BEARBRICK Mickey Mouse B&W 1000%. The closing date for the lucky draw is 30 November 2021, with winners to be announced on 10 December 2021.

Participants will also be able to test their mixing skills with the ‘Perfect Mix’ game, available at the interactive booths at selected Jaya Grocer and Mercato outlets.

This Chivas HiBall gift pack is available at selected Jaya Grocer and Mercato outlets, as well as via e-Commerce channels such as Shopee, Bar-United and Re:Social; and will be seen in selected bars and outlets around Klang Valley.

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