HennessyMyWay Sustainable Cocktail Challenge returns for the third year
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HennessyMyWay Sustainable Cocktail Challenge returns for the third year

HennessyMyWay, a bartending competition by video submission has opened to receive entries from bartenders in Malaysia. Anyone attached to a bar establishment across Malaysia is eligible to participate.

Started out as a way to support the hardest hit F&B industry during the Covid-19 pandemic, The Maison, Hennessy, initiated the HennessyMyWay cocktail competition in 2020 to lend support to the bartending community. Thousands of entries from 33 countries were received since its inception, the 3rd season now returns with a some differences in judging criteria and prizes compared to last year’s two-tier 30-seconds competition.

From Hennessy’s press release about HennessyMyWay, containing some important notes for bartenders participating:

“Sustainable bartending is not a myth or a hashtag but an action that espouses conscious consumption, a movement that is taking the world by storm. At an international level, creativity is running high with seasonal, sustainable, ethically sourced cocktail ingredients – turning citrus peels into homemade cordials and juice into syrups, experimentation with ice, cutting and shaping it into precisely the right volume for the mix, to name a few.

The bartending fraternity has a crucial role to play in this movement and Hennessy recognises this truth. While leadership can be expressed in many ways, one of its defining traits would certainly be ‘shaping the future’. And this is exactly what Hennessy is doing by inviting Malaysian bartenders to come on board this campaign.

Infusing sustainable ingredients into the challenge adds a new dimension to an already familiar campaign. Inspiration is derived from Hennessy’s decades-long focus on sustainability. From ‘Grape to Bottle’, and now to ‘Glass’, Hennessy is encouraging bartenders to become part of the sustainability ecosystem. While espousing conscious consumption and minimising waste, Hennessy continues to delight cocktail lovers across the globe.”

To participate:
- The bartender must be of legal drinking age (21 years old in Malaysia).
- The bartender must be attached to a bar in Malaysia.
- Submit a 1-minute video of their Hennessy sustainable cocktail creation presented in the most creative service ritual.

Judging criteria:

25 points each
: What aspect of your drink or presentation is sustainable? (the most crucial element)
Drinking experience: Taste. Aroma. Balance: the experience of drinking your cocktail
Ritual: Crafting & Presentation: what draws attention to your cocktail?

10 points each
: Classic? Elegant? Modern? Sexy? finesse is an absolute must.
Originality & creativity: Any surprise combinations? (sometimes the simplest things create unexpected experiences)
Technique: Finesse. Elegance. Swag. Did you display any of these?
Product knowledge: Hennessy: did you share any information about us? (the cognac brand’s taste, uniqueness, what it brings to your cocktail)

Name your cocktail
Share the recipe
: Text in the post is better
Post on social media: include #Heneessy #HennessyMyWay #HennessyMY and tag @Hennessy on social media platforms.

Contact Simon Ng at +6019-4755 334 for entry guidelines, judging criteria, terms and conditions. 

Entries deadline: 7 April 2022 (extended to 14 April) 

Phases to the global champion:

Phase 1, bartenders will compete for the Top 10 position at local level. The Top 10 winners will be selected to represent Malaysia for Phase 2 Top 40 Global challenge. To advance to Phase 3, the Top 40 Global winners will be invited to compete in the final round to vie for the Top 5 Global standing.

Phase 1: Top 10 Malaysia winners will each receive:

  • EURO 200 equivalent in Malaysian Ringgit
  • 1 Hennessy V.S.O.P Limited Edition by Liu Wei
  • 1 Official Hennessy NBA Jersey
  • Hennessy Mixology Kit
  • Onward to global level Submission

Phase 2: Top 40 Global winners will each receive:

  • EURO 1,000 equivalent in Malaysian Ringgit
  • 1 bottle of Hennessy X.O
  • A chance to compete for the Global Top 5 by taking on a new challenge

Phase 3: Top 5 Global winners will each receive:

  • EURO 2,000 equivalent in Malaysian Ringgit
  • 1x trip to experience Hennessy in Cognac and pass by Paris or a VIP NBA experience

Last year, Malaysia’s Raz Ng of Gekko Dining became the pride of the local bartending community having earned her place as one of the Top 25 Bartenders amongst the Hennessy global bartenders fraternity.  The creations of all past winners can be found here.

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