A new premium baijiu brand has entered Singapore through Putien
Image: Kim Choong

A new premium baijiu brand has entered Singapore through Putien


Baijiu has been known as a symbol of China and a liquor that cannot be missed when businessmen talk shop to have a deal sealed, at special occasions and celebrations. The national liquor of China also carries an important cultural role both domestically and internationally.

Shang Yang Tai, a premium baijiu that has just been launched earlier this year in Singapore, named its brand after the sole surviving work by the legendary poet Li Bai (701–762). Written during the Tang Dynasty (618–907), the handscroll inscribed on cotton paper has been passed down from Emperors to historical intellectuals and respected collector Zhang Boju, who later donated the national treasure to the Palace Museum in 1958 for preservation. The trail of possessions traceable by the stamp of each owner became part of the art piece, bearing witness to the cultural development over the past millennium. 

Shang Yang Tai baijiu is a result of the appreciation for Maotai, China’s national baijiu. The product is created by master brewers with over 10 years industry experience from Maofan Commune, a platform of Maotai enthusiasts and collectors, and the only verified platform to bid and sell Maotai’s limited edition bottlings and merchandise. The 53% ABV jiang-flavour baijiu is made from selected aging base blends from Maotai Town in Guizhou Province, where Maotai is also produced. 

The production of Shang Yang Tai, based on its three brand pillars of 'selection, preservation, and blending' is approved by the Jiang-flavour Chinese Baijiu Expert Committee who evaluate the production process from the selection of the base to the final product. 

There are 4 main classifications and 9 sub-classifications for baijiu, with the main aroma classifications being strong aroma (濃香), light aroma (清香), sauce aroma (醬香) and rice aroma (米香). Like Maotai, Shang Yang Tai is a jiang-flavour (sauce aroma) baijiu, a clear spirit that has a yellow tinge derived from aging. Its pronounced soy sauce-like aroma accompanied by the full body and oily texture gives the product the unexpected smoothness from a high-proof spirit.

The brand’s packaging is inspired by the lifestyle of the Song Dynasty and embellished with Shang Yang Tai’s script. With its clean and minimalist design, the square bottle’s label mimics the paper texture of the handscroll imprinted with extracts of the calligraphy and red stamps from the original work. 

Shang Yang Tai is now available in Singapore through exclusive distribution by PUTIEN in its 18 outlets and retail venues within its network. The Singapore-founded Chinese restaurant serving Fujian dishes will be incorporating the baijiu into the dishes or serving it as a pairing. This is akin to an endorsement by Mr. Fong Chi Chung, the founder of the award-winning international restaurant with its footprint across Asia. He was drawn to the moist, palatable, mellow and elegant flavour profile of Shang Yang Tai and want to share it with connoisseurs and discerning collectors in Singapore. 

The two sizes introduced to Singapore are the 100ml and 500ml bottles priced at SGD79++ and SGD379++ respectively. For enquiries, visit www.putien.com. Shang Yang Tai is registered in 2011 by Beijing Shangyantai Liquor Co., Ltd which was established in 2021 with its headquarters in Beijing. 



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