New online supplier for bar tools
Mirrored bronze bar tools

New online supplier for bar tools

Almost all new businesses are started because of a need that is not fulfilled. It is no different with The 4 Barmen. Founded by novice home bartenders, the business was set up to supply reliable barware at affordable prices.

Just like many great ideas, this was fostered over a few drinks when the struggle to find a supply of good barware in Malaysia came into their conversation. Believing that many who love to make drinks at home would be as frustrated as themselves at sourcing barware, the decision was made to form a bar tools supply company to help solve this problem.

The founders got to work to set up the company and source supplies. Everyone in the start-up had their own day job but as one of them was already in the hotel and restaurant equipment supply business, one had the experience of managing a bar, and another was based in China where they procure most of their supplies, their task seemed straightforward.

A year later and when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, it seemed like the best time to launch the business as cocktail lovers stuck at home would want to make their own drinks. The website went live, and they were ready to take orders by June.

Why is it so hard to buy bar tools in Malaysia online?

Buying bar tools can be daunting as most cocktail making sets are sold from overseas, there is no guarantee that expectations will be met, and what if you want to return them because of defects?. The safe option is to buy from reputable barware sites, which to many novices and for day-to-day use, could be too expensive as an initial investment.


Bar tool sets currently found online are often sold by third parties who source them from manufacturers overseas, such as China. Therefore, it could take weeks from the order date to receive the items. Sometimes an order might not be fulfilled due to unavailable stock or the seller’s inability to meet the promised delivery timeline.


Most bar sets sold online, especially the ones which are cheaper, are OEM products. There is no guarantee of the durability and quality of the materials used to make these tools. A good cocktail shaker for example can last a lifetime, so why not invest in one that is sturdy and looks sleek on your countertop? A jigger is not only useful for measuring liquid for cocktails, it can be used in baking and cooking as well.

How to choose a bar tool set?

For home bartending, several basic tools are good to start with. A jigger for measurements, a shaker to mix drinks, a strainer to separate the ice and bits while pouring from shaker to the glass, and a muddler to crush ingredients to make say, a Mojito; a bar spoon for stirring and measuring small amounts of liquid and a bar blade to open bottles with. Anything else can be topped up as your bartending skills advance.

All these are made easy on The 4 Barmen’s website with the Apprentice and Journeyman Starter Kits which come in silver or mirrored bronze. Each set comprises of a shaker, jigger, bar spoon and bar blade. The individual tools can be bought separately and additional barware such as mixing glasses, muddlers, strainers and tongs, cocktail picks and accessories like cups and mugs, bottles for bitters, and ice moulds are also available.

They site was built to cater to consumers but orders from trade and bars are accepted by directly getting in touch with the company on their Contact Us page or social media messages through Facebook and Instagram.

Now that your home bar is set up, find out what are the essential spirits and glassware to stock up for some simple yet tasty classics here.

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