Where to buy coffee beans online

Where to buy coffee beans online

1st October is International Coffee Day and we want to celebrate coffee. There are more roasters opening shop in Malaysia and we are happy to get our hands on freshly roasted beans without having to step out of our home/office by ordering them online. You have no more excuses to not drink good coffee. Here you go:

Small batch coffee subscription

Blaq Coffee (same people as Bean Shipper)

This is where you can order beans roasted by multiple coffee roasters in Malaysia. They support small batch roasters whom they feel are the most passionate people about coffee. Each month, Blaq Coffee will taste all the roasts from these roasters and pick their most favourite 2 to be featured. They also believe that home brewing is a ritual that is very rewarding and most importantly, saves money.

You can choose a monthly subscription plan 4 x 100mg coffee beans for filter coffee or 2 x 200mg coffee beans for espresso coffee. Every month, you will receive coffee beans that Blaq has tasted and chosen as their favourite. Or, you can customise your subscription and choose from single origin, espresso or blend.

Fair Trade beans from Indonesia

Sprezzatura Coffee

Starting out as a café and small coffee retailer in Phileo Damansara, Sprezzatura’s business has quickly outgrown their 1kg roaster to a 5kg drum within 6 months. The coffee company believes in fair, sustainable and equal trade. They currently source their beans from single farms and estates in Indonesia. Find beans from Tana Toraja and Flores in their portfolio. The site also sells coffee equipment for home brewing.

Fresh Australia Specialty Coffee


The owners of Auresso found their love for Arabica coffee beans after going through barista training in Australia. As one of the pioneers in online shops for coffee, Auresso’s website has now developed into a full-fledged e-commerce site, taking orders for individual purchases as well as from wholesalers. With the help of their sister company in Australia, the beans they source are freshly roasted there and air-shipped the same day to ensure the freshness of the beans. Their work with award wining roasters and specialty coffee roasters including Rubra, Grand Central Premium Coffee Roasters, Ona and the Original Cocoa Traders. Other than coffee, you will find premium tea, drinking chocolate powder and brewing accessories on the site.

Coffee and things


Speaking of pioneering online coffee purchases, Cuppa has the longest history running since 2007 and has come a long way on their distribution. You can find coffee beans for espresso coffee to coffee pods on Cuppa’s site. The passion of the brand has expanded to collecting coffee related items and the shop is said to be a museum for coffee grinders. Cuppa mainly supplies Antica, Lavazza and Mokalba Coffee. It is also a convenient one-stop shop for cafes to order espresso machines, tempers, grinders, cups and saucers. Sometimes there are limited edition products that can only be found in their shop. They are also the exclusive distributor for myPressi TWIST, which is a portable espresso machine that uses nitrogen cartridge.

Roast your own

Trium Virate Coffee Roasters

This roaster was started by a husband and wife team who found their passion in coffee during their trip to Japan. With this site, you can choose ‘custom roast’ for different roast levels and ‘custom blend’ of up to 4 different blends. The coffee here is made to order and shipped the next day. You can even order green beans and roast them yourself. There is a link to a step-by-step guide on the site on how to do home roasting.

This is not an e-commerce site so you will have to make your order manually on their Order Page.

Commercial grade

Coffex Coffee Malaysia -

Coffex Coffee started in Melbourne in 1959 and now has a plant in Malaysia. This is a distributor site great for bulk orders but is also the site to go to for individuals who want to buy graded coffee beans at a reasonable price. Coffex Coffee has two Q Graders who taste and pick all the roasted coffees under their label in Malaysia. The commercial roaster sources their beans from 25 countries across 4 continents, so you are not going to be low on options. The company works with certified Fair Trade Cooperatives around the world so you will be able to find single origin beans as well as blends on their portfolio. Other than coffee, the company also sells teas, chocolates, Giffard syrups, cookies and accessories on their site. For professional espresso machines and coffee makers, you will have to visit their plant in Shah Alam.


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