Where to buy coffee beans online

Where to buy coffee beans online

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No one should keep us away from our daily coffee fix, we mean, no one! We may not be getting that hot cuppa from our favourite barista, but coffee roasteries are aplenty to supply us with freshly roasted beans by the order.

Brewing coffee at home has become more accessible. Be it the pour over, French press, capsule coffee maker to espresso machine, even your Nespresso machine now get to plonk capsule of other brands.

We have built up a list of coffee suppliers to answer your insatiable need for caffeine. They are all available online, for different grind sizes, preparation methods and supply frequencies. Some even provide the necessary equipment in case you need them.

Your home brew coffee journey starts here:

Small batch coffee subscription

Bean Shipper

This is where you can order beans roasted by multiple coffee roasters in Malaysia. They support small batch roasters whom they feel are the most passionate about coffee. Bean Shipper believe that home brewing is a ritual that is extremely rewarding and most importantly, saves money.

Each month, Bean Shipper will taste all the roasts from these roasters and pick their most favourite 2 to be featured. You can choose a monthly subscription plan 4 x 100mg coffee beans for filter coffee or 2 x 200mg coffee beans for espresso coffee. Or, you can customise your subscription and choose from single origin or espresso.


Founded by two coffee lovers from the specialty coffee industry, the online portal that comes with an app source their coffee from roasters around the world and pack them into Nespresso-friendly capsules.

Ordering the capsules comes in one-time purchase and subscription formats. Discovery Box monthly subscription contains 20 or 40 capsules from 2 different coffee roasters with Asia or International to choose from. Morning Mix of 6 capsules is the trial version of this subscription, which will be converted into a 20-capsule box after 30 days.

For Build Your Own Box (B.Y.O.B.), select your favourite roasters or opt for all on the list, then choose 10, 20 or 40 capsules subscription box with one-time purchase or subscription from 2 to 8 weeks options.

The company will be launching their own machine in 2020.

Ra-Ft Café / Bistro

The Italian themed café bistro roast beans sourced from South America, Asia, Eastern Africa and Central America onsite their 5 outlets. 

Ra-Ft has launched a coffee subscription in April 2020 based on weekly consumption cater for 3 to 10+ cups and accordingly recommend the suitable package. Coffee can be in full beans and preferred grind size. The site offers one-time purchase, coffee cup and wine pairing dinner.


103 Coffee Workshop

Coffee beans are roasted by in-house award-winning barista in espresso and filter types. Alternative to whole bean would be drip bag coffee.

The site also sells coffee brewing equipment such as hand grinder, drip kettle, drippers and scales. There is a fan section for their line of merchandise under Irvine, which include items like badges and socks.

Cloud Catcher

A certified Specialty Coffee Association Campus, Cloud Catcher aims to assist the coffee industry and spread coffee culture through education.

Their coffee comes in seasonal blends, single origin espresso and filter roast, Geisha, special process carbonic maceration selections and drip bags. Varieties can be chosen by the region. Coffee equipment for brewing at home, drips and fully automatic machines are also available from the website.


Collective works with farmers around the world by providing training and knowledge, and pay fair price for their green beans. Their roasting facility in Petaling Jaya adopts sustainable packaging. Biodegradable bags from Australia and China are used for consumer orders while food-grade buckets instead of disposable coffee bags are used for commercial supply.

Coffee can be ordered in 250g or 1kg weight and for any preparation method from whole bean, coarse for French Press, medium for drip or fine for espresso machine. Each coffee bean has its description of origin/region, the altitude, varietal, processing method and tasting notes to help shoppers choose their favourites.

Wholesale supply, coffee equipment and accessories, coffee machines and training are also available.

Maven Coffees

Supply coffee by roasters from Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia. Their house brand Maven is roasted and packed in Melbourne. They carry Australian brand Specialty Coffee Collective in Nespresso machine friendly capsules.

For local rosters, find beans by Artisan Roastery, Brew & Bread, Cloud Catcher, Q Cup Coffee Lab and The Hub. Coffee equipment also available online.

Perk Coffee

Source beans from the bean belt and package them into whole bean, ground coffee, drip bags, nitro drips and Nespresso machine friendly Perkpods. Brew gears, grinder, accessories and drip bag set are also available on their website.

Subscriptions are designed for office. Select the quantity and delivery schedule with recommendations of the most suitable coffee to order. Coffee machine rental available for those without one.

Pay above Fairtrade rates to support coffee farmers.


illy Caffé  

Italian coffee brand illy works directly with coffee growers for Arabica beans. Known for its balance taste profile, the brand has made its coffee beans available in whole bean, filter coffee, ground coffee, capsule and instant coffee formats.

Both coffee and capsule machines are now available to order online.

Mister Coffee

A home-grown brand for 3 generations and specialises in producing OEM coffees, Mister Coffee source their arabica, liberica and robusta beans from tropical countries to create their own blends. There are also specialty coffee beans and single origins under their portfolio.

Their core products remain podbrew, drip brew and instant coffee, which compatible machines are designed to brew each type of packaging.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

The popular coffee chain has its ecommerce site selling their home blend in full beans, tea, the CBTL system and equipment. Takeaway cakes and party packs from their bakery have also gone online.

Fair Trade beans from Indonesia

Sprezzatura Coffee

Starting out as a café and small coffee retailer in Phileo Damansara, Sprezzatura’s business has quickly outgrown their 1kg roaster to a 5kg drum within 6 months. The coffee company believes in fair, sustainable and equal trade. They currently source their beans from single farms and estates in Sulawesi, Flores and Java island of Indonesia. Find beans from Tana Toraja and Flores in their portfolio. The site also sells coffee equipment for home brewing.

Coffee comes in beans or different grind sizes, all the blends also come in the form of drip bags. They also have decaf and natural organic varieties to choose from. Wholesale orders are encouraged.

Fresh Australia Specialty Coffee


The owners of Auresso found their love for Arabica coffee beans after going through barista training in Australia. As one of the pioneers in online shops for coffee, Auresso’s website has now developed into a full-fledged e-commerce site, taking orders for individual purchases as well as from wholesalers.

With the help of their sister company in Australia, the beans they source are freshly roasted there and shipped the same day to ensure the freshness of the beans. They work with award-winning roasters and specialty coffee roasters including Rubra, Grand Central Premium Coffee Roasters, Ona and the Original Cocoa Traders. Other than coffee, they also supply premium tea, drinking chocolate powder, pure uji matcha, chai latte powder, cascara tea and brewing accessories.

Coffee beans are also roasted by order in their Shah Alam facility for Auresso’s blends and they ship domestically and internationally.

Cottle Coffee

Founded in 1912 by 4th generation coffee and tea merchant in south of Melbourne, the brand was expanded into Malaysia by the 5th generation of Cottle Coffee in 2015.

Coffee grind size comes in whole bean, espresso, filter, plunger and stove top with 250g and 1kg packet sizes. Offering coffee blends created by the founder over 30 years ago and remain consistently the same until today. Beans are roasted and shipped from their Melbourne facility.

Brew kit, barista tools and cold drips are available on their website. Wholesale encouraged.

Roast your own / Home roasting

Trium Virate Coffee Roasters

This roaster was started by a husband and wife team who found their passion in coffee during their trip to Japan. With this site, you can choose ‘custom roast’ for different roast levels and ‘custom blend’ of up to 2 different coffees with a top-up a fee. The coffee here is made to order and shipped the next day. You can even order green beans and roast them yourself. There is a link to a step-by-step guide on the site on how to do home roasting.

This is not an e-commerce site so you will have to make your order manually on their Order Page.

Commercial supply

Albert Wines 2U

The wine and spirits importer since 1992 also represent Vittoria Coffee. Buy their beans in 1kg pack for your espresso machines on their website.

Buna Market

Buna, meaning "coffee ceremony" in Amharic language native to Ethiopian, is the name adopted by passionate coffee lovers who founded this site. It started with the gathering of specialy coffeee roasters in Malaysia and then developed into a one-stop centre for coffee supply and all things coffee related.

The e-commerce site lists beans by Malaysian roasteries which can be selected by the states, and a couple of international brands. Find drinking chocolate powder, Dammann Frères tea and Teisseire syrups.

Compact to commercial grade espresso machines to parts and accessories are also available on the platform.

Coffex Coffee Malaysia

Coffex Coffee started in Melbourne in 1959 and developed the plant in Malaysia in 1997. This is a distributor site great for bulk orders and individuals who want to buy graded coffee beans at a reasonable price.

Coffex Coffee has two Q Graders who taste and pick all the roasted coffees under their label in Malaysia. The commercial roaster sources their beans from 25 countries across 4 continents, so you are not going to be low on options. The company works with certified Fair Trade Cooperatives around the world so you will be able to find single origin beans as well as blends on their portfolio.

Other than coffee, the company also sells teas, chocolates, Giffard syrups, cookies and accessories on their site. For professional espresso machines and coffee makers, you will have to visit their plant in Shah Alam.

Dankoff Coffee Specialist

A supplier of beverage solutions to the industry for 15 years, Dankoff has their ecommerce platform setup to also cater to the consumers. Other than coffee, tea, Monin syrup and drinking chocolate powder, this is the only site that one can buy commercial grade grinders and coffee machines online. As the exclusive distributor for LavAzza, the biggest range of the brand’s products can be found here. They include roasted whole beans, roasted coffee ground and capsules.

Nisy Coffee Roasters

Coffee roasting company that supplies to F&B establishments and roasted to order. Their online shop caters to one-time purchase of coffee beans that come in 250g house blends and single origin with suggested preparation methods. Drip bags are available in 4 different coffee types.

Drinking chocolate powder, tea, syrups are available online.

Ocam The Coffee Factory

Coffee machine supplier to the F&B industry since 2015 and according to their website, to have Asia’s largest coffee machine warehouse. Offering four types of roast currently, order of beans can be in 250g, 500g and 1kg bags of whole beans or ground coffee form.

First published on 1 October 2016.


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