Launch of Roku Sakura Bloom and the Month-Long Celebration with the Japanese Gin
Image source: Suntory

Launch of Roku Sakura Bloom and the Month-Long Celebration with the Japanese Gin

Every year during April's cherry blossom season, House of Suntory's Roku celebrates the Japanese festival and the essence of "Shun" by engaging bars for curated cocktails and promotions.

This year is no different with the activities, except for the inaugural limited release of Roku Sakura Bloom Edition gin inspired by Sakura flowers and the Hanami Sakura festival. "Hana" refers to flower and "Mi" means to watch, Hanami literally means "flower viewing". The festival is set to reconnect one with nature and spend time with loved ones in appreciation of the fleeting beauty of Sakura blooms, which last no longer than two weeks each year.

The Japanese concept of "Shun" refers to nature at its peak in flavours and freshness. The limited edition gin, with its soft and elegant floral taste, captures the peak of Sakura blossom.

The six components that make up Roku Sakura Blossom Edition are distilled separately from juniper berries before being married together to replicate the unique aroma of Sakura mochi, the most popular confectionary treat in Japan during the Hanami festival, capturing the essence of how Japanese people celebrate spring.

The use of meticulously selected Japanese ingredients aims to create the perfect balance of flavours that evolve complexly on the palate. From the intense Yuzu citrus on the nose, followed by Sakura Leaf and Flower distilled at low temperatures to retain their fragrance, Sencha and Gyokuro Tea provide the tannin, ending with a distinct Sancho Pepper tangy finish.

Official tasting notes
Nose - Gentle, floral scent of cherry blossom in a Japanese garden
Palate - Soft smooth top notes, subtly sweet and richly elegant. A nostalgic hint of the saltiness of Sakura-mochi, the traditional sweet of the season, balanced with the fruity sweetness of the cherry blossoms. Meticulously blended with Roku’s original botanicals.
Finish - A lingering finish, as each blossom falls away, another is anticipated.

Special one-off events

Roku Sakura Bloom Spring Kaze Maison21G

Sakura Blossom Eau De Parfum
During April and May, a limited edition 30ml Roku Sakura Bloom and
Maison21G scent, named Spring Kaze, will be available at all Maison21G outlets in Singapore. A 2.1ml sample bottle will come as a gift with order of all three Roku Sakura Bloom collaboration cocktails at Smoke & Mirrors, Manhattan, and Republic Bar.

Chocolates and Sakura Cocktail
A specialty Roku Sakura Bloom cocktail along with the Sakura Blossom mini cake will be available at 2am:dessertbar and Janice Wong's newest outlet at Supertree Observatory in Gardens for a limited time only. Do note that access to the latter requires a ticketed entry first to the Observatory. A gift box of specially curated 25 pieces bon bons (S$186) will also be available
online and all Janice Wong Pure Imagination outlets from 1 to 30 April 2024.

Tokyo takeover
On 17 April from 5.30pm – 12am,
The Bellwood Tokyo is set to take over Neon Pigeon for an exclusive one-day unparalleled Omakase experience (S$108) specially curated by the Guest Chef Ayaka Terai. To top the experience, try specialty cocktails concocted by Guest Bartender Mr. Atsushi Suzuki, featuring the new Roku Sakura Bloom Edition.  

Dessert Pairing
On 4 May from 3pm to 5pm,
Nutmeg & Clove, recently celebrated their 10th birthday, will be presenting an exclusive 3-course Roku dessert pairing session. Renowned bartender Soko Son from Bar Soko will craft the cocktails to pair with Chef Makoto's desserts from AMI Patisserie.

20 Bars, 3 special Roku Sakura Bloom Cocktails each
From 1 April to 24 May 2024, find 3 specialty cocktails created with Roku gin in 20 bars across town, two with the Roku Sakura Bloom and one with the original Roku Gin.

Roku Sakura Bloom Cocktails at AntiDote
Roku Sakura Bloom cocktails by Anti:Dote [Image source: Suntory]

Blossom Fizz is made from Roku Sakura Bloom, cherry berry, cacao, vanilla cream and soda as well as the Myoga that borrows its fragrance from Roku Sakura Bloom, Vermouth blend, cola and ginger flower tincture. Saku-ragus fragrances Roku Gin, with elderflower and Aquavit, before finished off with a trace of asparagus, Sakura apple and salted milk. Each cocktail is priced at S$25.

Close Shave
Elegance of Spring, blending Roku Sakura Bloom, grapefruit juice, and St Germaine Elderflower Tonic Water. Indulge in The Geisha, a fusion of Roku Sakura Bloom, lychee liqueur, and lemon juice or opt for Midori, featuring Roku Gin, Midori, lemon, and foamee. Each cocktail is priced at S$25.

Apple Blossom crafted from Roku Sakura Bloom, apple flower, oat, jasmine and Muyu Vetiver. A green tea delight is served with the Matcha Alexandre made from Roku Gin, matcha, creme de cacao, cream and Noe sherry. Hanami, a delicate glass of Roku Sakura Bloom, lychee ferment, cherry tomato, honey and egg white. Each cocktail is priced at S$28.

Saku-Mai, a delicate but spirit-forward cocktail with an umami twist. Ohanami, a floral highball representing a picnic overlooking Sakura flowers. Lady in Osaka, Lusciously fresh flavours of flowers in Osaka. Each cocktail is priced at S$20++.

Smoke & Mirrors
Manga, presents a fruity spin to the floral gin with mango syrup, strawberry, ginger, and a twist of citrus. Hanami, a variation of the classic Negroni, while Sakurabito sees the gin interweaving with banana yoghurt, banana, and prosecco for a creamy and effervescent cocktail. Each cocktail is priced at S$28++.

Roku Sakura Bloom Cocktails at Spectre
Special Roku cocktails at Spectre [Image source: Suntory]

Shiso Martini a twist on the Martini with Roku Sakura Bloom, shiso infused Vermouth, orange and shiso-wrapped peach jelly. Miso Collins, a new-age Tom Collins made with Roku Sakura Bloom, lemon, miso syrup and soda. The Dawn Chorus that renders Roku Gin sweet and creamy with ube ice cream, red wine, cinnamon, milk and lemon. Each cocktail is priced at S$25.

Scent Of Flora a fragrant amalgamation of Roku Gin, St Germain Elderflower, butterflypea infused Lillet Blanc, yuzu juice, sugar syrup and tonic water. Angel’s Touch is a mixed from Roku Sakura Bloom, Lillet Blanc, Luxardo Maraschino Cherry, homemade lemon syrup and saline. Razuberi Sour, coloured pretty with Roku Sakura Bloom, housemade bramble syrup, sweet and sour and a finishing of soda. Each cocktail is priced at S$24.

For more information on all the cocktails from the 20 bars, visit Roku Sakura Bloom website.


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