Atlas’ New Menu brings back timeless classics recreated for drinkers of all generations
[Photo: Kim Choong]

Atlas’ New Menu brings back timeless classics recreated for drinkers of all generations

Atlas has a new cocktail menu, just in time for their 6th anniversary. Conceptualised and led by spanking new Head Bartender Lidiyanah 'Yana' K together with her equally young team, the new menu is designed to simplify the process of understanding and choosing cocktails inspired by the classics.

Themed “Simple Pleasures”, the menu explores the origins of four classic cocktails, namely Martini, Sour, Old-Fashioned, and the Champagne Cocktail, whilst giving them modern interpretations. Each classic is a category on its own, comprising 5 cocktails individually with one of Atlas’ signatures, including one non-alcoholic, a popular direction adopted by many bars for inclusivity so there is something for everyone. 

Head Bartender

Atlas heard bartender Yana K since 2023
Yana K - Head bartender of Atlas [Photo: Kim Choong]

Yana has been with Atlas from the very beginning. As part of the opening team, the current head of the bar began her career as a barista and was transitioned into a bar back role which she thrived in. “Simple Pleasures” is her first project and her objective is to make it functional and user-friendly, a feat that is lacking in the current cocktail scene. 

The “Simple Pleasures” menu

The menu reflecting the 1920s, the golden era for invention of many classics, breaks down the four most iconic classic cocktail categories for consumers getting to learn about the biggest categories which most cocktails fall under. 

Each of the four categories is introduced with beautifully designed posters that interpret the era, mood and history of their origin. Each cocktail recipe lists the ingredients used and the alcohol by volume to provide the transparency necessary for one to make their choice on which flavour and alcohol strength to go for. 

Other than simplifying the cocktail selection process for consumers, the element of sustainability is subtly integrated in some of the recipes. 

Atlas Martinis
Atlas' Martinis [Photos: Kim Choong]

Martini is arguably the most significant invention in which its history is filled with mysteries. It is timeless and has stood the test of time. Though it seems simple with only 3 ingredients (gin, vermouth, bitters and a garnish that sometimes contributes to the flavour of the drink), it is the most difficult to make perfect. Everyone has their own interpretation. Our favourite from Atlas' new menu is Diamond Lynd (26.4%/ S$24) using London Dry Gin, French Vodka, Clarified Basil Milk, Fino Sherry and Ylang Ylang. It’s savoury, herbaceous and creamy. The Occidental (39.2%/S$26) with London Dry Gin, Vermouth Blend, Italian Citrus Liqueur and Thyme is a deceivingly easy one which is used as an “introduction” to those new to the category. It’s “Italian Citrus Liqueur” may have been the clever twist to this unassuming concoction. 

Atlas Ramos Gin Fizz
[Photo: Kim Choong]

Sour (spirit, sugar, citrus) was an accidental discovery in the 19th century on sea voyages when sailors had to consume citrus to stave off scurvy. Gin was part of the ration which was used to mix with for a more palatable fix. Ode To Odyssey (7.2%/S$22) using Australian Shiraz Gin, Clarified Milk, Toasted Raisin, Sherry Blend, Cream, and AER, is a recipe derived from the notoriously hard to make Ramos Gin Fizz (takes up 4 bartenders to shake for 6 minutes each to achieve the thick foamy head), replacing the usual egg white component with a substitute, AER, that makes this vegan-friendly while keeping an eye on sustainability.

Atlas Old Fashioned
Old Fashioned [Photo: Kim Choong]

The most used way of consuming whisky as a cocktail is the Old Fashioned (whiskey, bitters, sugar, orange), also synonymous with the creation of the word “cocktail” in the earliest documentation of its usage in 1806. Requires no shaking, this category appeals to drinkers who love fuss-free drinks and enjoy brown spirits closest to their original characters. Paying homage to her barista beginning, Valley Of The Ashes (23.5%/S$25) combines all Yana’s favourite ingredients: American Bourbon, Venezuelan Rum, Italian Bitter Liqueur, Pomelo Lime for a “campfire and decadent chocolate interlude”.

Atlas Champagne Cocktails
Atls Champagne Cocktails [Photos: Kim Choong]

Finally, what’s a fancy party without the Champagne Cocktail (champagne, brandy, sugar, bitters)? French 75 created after WWI to celebrate the end of war is the signature classic for this category. A pretty tipple like the Hope On The Horizon (0%/S$14) created using house-made yuzu lavender kombucha is a fizzy non-alcoholic drink with an agave blanco base accentuated by kumquat and pomegranate.

Atlas changes their menu on a yearly basis. We’re told that the next menu is already in the making. Build your foundations on the classic cocktails before they go away. 

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