Awesome new bar drinks and bites
JungleBird | Coley | Frank's Bar | Photos: Kim Choong

Awesome new bar drinks and bites

1. Backdoor Bodega – Vaccine doses of cocktail

Backdoor Bodega’s new line of quirky suggestive cocktail names stemming from vaccine doses like “Sinosour”, “ExtraGineca” and “Pfizermeister” inject some humour to the lockdown and inoculate against infectious negativities. Warning: Don't inject, just sip.

2. Frank’s Bar KL – Sound enhanced cocktails

Bringing the combine sounds and taste experience is Frank’s Bar new set of canned cocktail range. Each of the four cocktails provides a link to sounds that heighten a particular taste in the drinks. Some self-discovery is in place.


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3. 61 Monarchy - Barrel aged cocktail

Spent extra time in oak barrels (because we are not going anywhere), Monarchy’s barrel-aged cocktails come with colourful new sleeves. Some pantone for a new wall?


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4. Coley Limited Edition Hankey Spankey and beef jerky

Ada Coleman’s signature classic, Hanky Panky is spanked with a juicy twist and only available in limited quantity from Coley. Their bourbon infused beef jerky is back on the menu, make sure to add that to the order.


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5. JungleBird – Double-dosed TiRUMisu

A “double-dose” is what we all need, even more awesome in a dessert! JungleBird's TiRUMisu is made with rum AND cognac, from premium brands of Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva and Remy Martin VSOP. Match the dessert bomb with the bar’s constantly growing Sarang Kitchen’s menu.


6. Licky Chan – Quirky ice cream and cakes

Cone-tails, cocktail laced ice-cream on cone, yum! Wasabi and strawberry, chili and mezcal (ouch), calamansi and olive oil… let you imagination runs wild. Check out their whacky alcoholic cakes too.


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7. Dissolved Solids – Custom DIY drinks

Constantly providing fun to impart their knowledge, Dissolved Solids’ cocktail and mocktail kits let you pick your preferred spirits and a set of adjusters will be provided to experiment your own drinks. Don’t forget to pick up different shapes of clear ice as well.


8. PS150 – Distillates

Geek out your home bar game by making drinks with flavour concentrated distillates, well, gins. PS150 group of bars have jointly created 5 in-house gins that are now available in 500ml bottle. Can custom make your own flavours too if you are up for it.



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